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At the heart of your business flows data streams

ETL goes real time, as simple as it can be.
Streaming apps to production in minutes. No code required.


We've built 30+ Kafka Connectors with SQL support which are thoroughly tested at scale with our partners.


Your all in one platform powered by Apache Kafka TM, to browse live data, connect sources and sinks and register stream apps, all with SQL support!

FAST DATA in 5min

Set-up a secure streaming platform powered by Apache KafkaTM on your Cloudera cluster in less than 5 min using Fast Data CSDs with Web Tools, and Monitoring!

The powerful Lenses SQL engine for Kafka

Traditional ETL goes real time with Lenses SQL engine, 3 tiers: Topics, Processors, Connectors


Filter, query, project and analyze real time and historical data.


Where streams are treated as unbounded query results for continuous analysis.


An elegant and simple way for Kafka Connectors, from sources or topics to Kafka or the target systems, with auto-creates and system specific features.

At the forefront of IoT

We cover the major IoT Protocols with Source and Sink Connectors for both CoAP and MQTT.
All our connectors support Kafka SQL.

Use cases

How British Gas is streaming 4 Billion messages with our connectors to enable Connected Homes with a simple query!

Read on our Hazelcast connector for low latency IoT.

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