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Lenses is an enterprise grade platform providing the tools to create, deploy, and orchestrate message-driven microservice applications. It offers data flow management by leveraging Apache Kafka and Kubernetes.

Lenses for Apache Kafka builds upon and enhances the Kafka ecosystem with: a rich user interface, powerful batch and streaming SQL engine, cluster monitoring, REST endpoints for easy integration and vital enterprise capabilities. You can create and monitor native Kafka data pipelines faster than ever before.

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Build Kafka-based stream flows in minutes!

Data Flow Graph
Get a high level view of your entire data flow landscape in an interactive graph. Zoom into your KStream SQL processors or Connect gateways (sinks or sources). Always keep an eye on what your data flows are doing.
Deploy and Scale KStreams SQL processors. Kubernetes integration supported.
Scale your processors for fault-tolerance, resilience and performance. Use your Kafka Connect clusters or integrate directly with Kubernetes. Deploy & manage your processors with a few clicks.
Move data in and out of Apache Kafka with over 25 Landoop Kafka connectors.
Streaming ETL data-pipelines in minutes. Use one of the 25 Kafka Connectors, or load your own custom Connector. Lenses allows you to configure and manage them.
Monitor data, pipelines, operations in Kafka.
View and query the data, on any part of your pipeline, apply configuration changes and operate your Kafka pipelines with ease.
Security, Lineage and Governance are covered.
Designed to match Financial industry high security, lineage and governance requirements. Kerberos, LDAP, Role Based access, Auditing, Data lineage it all there from day one.
Lenses SQL, the 3 tier SQL engine for Apache Kafka!
Connect, Analyse and Process data. You can use the powerful SQL engine for Apache Kafka to access the data via REST and WebSocket endpoints. Enhance your Web applications and dashboards with real-time data streamed through Apache Kafka.


Access and view your streaming data & build streaming data-pipelines in minutes.

  • Scale your Kafka connectors and processors
  • Inspect and debug your message pipelines
  • Integrate with your CI with end-points

Data Scientist

Access real-time and historical data stored in Apache Kafka.

  • Sample, Query and Collect data from Kafka
  • Integrate with your Python application, Jupyter Notebook or R Studio.


Drill into 60 days of low-level monitoring metrics using the Cloud Native Computing Foundation industry standard monitoring tools.

  • 150+ hand-picked KPIs across 5 DashBoards.
  • Prometheus Exporters.
  • Monitor all your JVM based services.
Open Source Kafka Connectors

Stream Reactor is an Apache License, Version 2.0, open source collection of Kafka Connect compatible connectors to move data in and out of Apache Kafka. The connectors support KCQL (Kafka Connect Query Language), an open source component of Lenses SQL Engine, which provides an elegant and simple SQL like syntax to control the connector behaviour. You can select specific payload fields and route from sources or topics to Kafka or the target system. Topic to target entity mapping, fields selection, auto creation, auto evolution, error policies are some of the capabilities you can easily express with KCQL.


Big Data Integration

Empower your existing setup with streaming capabilities.

Fast Data CSDs

Enhance your Big Data platform with exciting streaming capabilities. Install, manage, scale and monitor you Apache Kafka based stream processing with Fast Data CSDs which includes Web Tools, Security and powerful Monitoring.


Full Integration

Integrated with Cloudera Manager, we provide an out of the box solution with Kafka Connectors, including Kudu and HBase integrations.

Use Cases

Speed. Insight. Governance.

Enhance your IoT infrastructure - from autonomous vehicles to agriculture or home devices. Use the CoAP and MQTT connectors and move the generated data into the appropriate data store.


Comply with corporate security requirements and regulations. Accelerate your release cycles and operate fast and safely


Transition from a large scale monolithic architecture and embrace the microservices paradigm and process data as soon as it arrives.


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