Join the Fast Data streaming revolution.

Setup in 5 minutes

Set-up a secure Kafka streaming platform on your Cloudera clusters using Fast Data CSDs

Kafka Tools

Manage your schemas, topics and build streaming topologies using web tools

Connectors with KCQL

Kafka connectors for InfluxDB, ElasticSearch, Cassandra and more with KCQL capabilities

Quick start with Kafka!

Fast Data Dev - your Kafka Development Environment

We know it's hard when you want to quick-start or make a demo and you need to set up all the services. Well, here you are. A docker image with the entire stack made for you with examples!

 $ docker pull landoop/fast-data-dev
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Kafka on Cloudera in 5 min!

Landoop Cloudera Service Descriptors brings together the two most popular platforms in the Big Data world, Confluent Platform (OSS) & Hadoop. Get all the benefits of Cloudera Manager and build your Fast Data layer.

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Beautiful Web Tools

Simplify and demystify your Kafka streaming

  • View Messages
  • Register Schemas
  • Manage Connectors
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Move data with Kafka Connectors

With our partners DataMountaineer we are building at stream-reactor high quality Apache 2.0 Kafka connectors that support KCQL. Simplify your streaming-ETL by with Kafka connect.

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