Managed Devops

Managed Devops & Cloud Access

  • Spec-up hardware requirements
  • Provision on cloud or on premices
  • Set up and provide devops
  • Architect and design solutions
  • Build and demo proof of concept
  • Assist in implementation
  • Train and engage with you
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Securing your environment
  • Auditing and testing

We love and use


We believe that describing the desired state in Ansible is the perfect model for developing distributed system capabilities.


In the age of containers, we use them a lot. We run mostly stateless but also statefull accompanied using volume containers and container data volume managers.

Scala and Go

We use Scala a lot and we also build custom Java libraries and components and target the JVM. We also use Go a lot. It's not a chance why Go is used in Docker, Prometheus, Grafana, etcd

LDAP and Kerberos

Data is your most valuable asset: We work on security, authentication, authorization and encryption on the wire and at rest. We analyze and ensure the outmost security measures are in place.


Domain experts on both utilization of clusters to achieve business goals and the entire life-cycle of your cluster.

Cloud native computing

We use Mesos, Marathon, Chronos, Kubernetes, DC/OS and Flocker.

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