Discover the all-in-one end to end platform for Apache KafkaTM with SQL support
live data browsing support, Register SQL Streams, Managed Schemas and Connectors.

Lenses supports SQL across the layers
and provides a visual interface for interactive queries on Kafka topics.

Enable your teams
to access real time data, filter, analyse, process.

data scientists


data engineers


The Lenses Kit At Your Service

Discover the awesome features

Live Data

See topic data live streams on your browser with filters and sql capabilities.

SQL for Kafka

Data Browsing, Register Kafka Streams & Connectors with powerful SQL support.

Managed Schemas

Manage Avro schemas, edit, configure and view history.

Certified Connectors

Our collection of sql supported Kafka connectors and your custom ones, managed and monitored!

Kafka SQL streams

Register SQL streams, topic to topic transformations and interactive queries.


Monitor consumers' performance and events alerts, commit offset management.

ACLs & Quotas

Manage your users and quotas to protect your multitenant cluster.

Metrics & Alerts

We expose meaningful JMX metrics for your services, also integrated with prometheus and grafana.


Tag what matters to your project, and automate your full topologies all the way to the cloud.

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