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Empower your data teams
with the best streaming platform
for Apache Kafka®.

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Explore data in motion
with point-in-time and ad-hoc real time queries with full SQL support.

Register SQL Stream Processors,
visualize topologies, scale via cluster mode and Kubernetes.

Connect to any data store
with over 25+ connectors available with SQL and monitoring support.


Lenses is a Streaming Data Management Platform for Apache Kafka. Lenses supports the core elements of Kafka with a web user interface and vital enterprise capabilities that enable engineering and data teams to query real time data, create and monitor Kafka topologies with rich integrations to other systems.


Browse Topic Data with Lenses SQL

Manage and Scale SQL Processors

Build UI Apps for Kafka with Lenses

CDC with Couchbase Connector


Streaming ETL goes real time

The Lenses Kit


Connect with popular data stores, using one of our 30+ enterprise-ready open source Kafka Connectors with SQL support, and build your real-time ETL pipelines. Use our collection of "lenses" to monitor, deploy and orchestrate how data flows in and out of Apache Kafka with fault tolerant and high throughput.


Enable your business analysts and data scientists to collect data in real-time from Kafka via utilizing the Lenses SQL engine endpoints. Real-time and historic data exploration at its best, allows valuable insights to flow directly into reports, dashboards, BI and data science tools.

Streaming Data Pipelines

Build data processing and connecting topologies in minutes. Scale, validate and monitor topologies, via an intuitive UI, or via integration end-points (APIs, Helm Charts) and promote them with confidence into production.


Provide your development teams, the necessary building-blocks to highly accelerate application development. The Lenses React / js library for frontend developers, JVM lib for engineers and Python lib for your data-scientists can save you months of engineering effort.

Data Security

With configurable role-based access and LDAP support, Lenses provides a seamless way to resolve any GDPR regulation or internal data compliance policies.

Value in streaming

Maximize the value you can extract from data in motion. Lenses provides a layer to filter, transform and process your data, excellent for you micro-services and to connect with Big Data, Data Warehouses and search systems that power your business.

Connect to any data store

25+ open source Kafka connectors

with Lenses SQL & Monitoring support

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