High impact architectural overview

With a background implementing major projects in leading Tier One Investment Banks, Trading, Utilities and Media we use our experience and expertise to guide you on building out and delivering your Streaming Platform, DataHub or DataLake by using industry proven open source technologies.

Use our experience to bootstrap your teams

We provide architectural engagements to help you plan, review and implement a streaming platform solution, on site or remote. We have spent significant time in the trenches, our experienced Solution Engineers/Architects can help you with your Fast Data and Big Data platforms.

We help you architect, advise and implement while following best practices. Our Solution Architects are hands on and develop and although they specialize in Kafka they are backed by years of experience in BigData.

We can guide you to deliver quickly

  • Spec-up hardware requirements
  • Provision on cloud or on premices
  • Architect and design solutions
  • Build and demo proof of concept
  • Assist in implementation
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Securing your environment
  • Auditing and testing

Our Clients


Custom Connectors

Do you need custom connectors to hook it to your data sources or sinks? We can help! We have built over 20 Kafka Connectors, including the DataStax DSE certified sink for Cassandra and developed and implemented a lot more for our customers.

Our areas of expertise

Apache Kafka

At the core of our architecture is Kafka. We help you build unified and scalable pipelines and unlock your data on the move.


We are domain experts on both utilization of clusters to achieve business goals and the entire life-cycle of your cluster.

Cloud Technologies

We use Kubernetes, Mesos, Marathon, OpenStack, DC/OS and also integrate with public cloud major providers tooling.


With strong emphasis on security and auditing, we work on authentication, authorization and encryption on the wire and at rest. LDAP, Kerberos integrations.


Your Kafka topologies straight to the clouds, auto provisioning, Helm charts, Kubernetes, Dockers, including connectors and custom apps.


Deployments, provisioning, upgrades using Ansible, Docker, Cloud providers integrations, on premises automations, our tooling for provisioning Kafka installations and custom applications.

Product support


Your all in one platform for Kafka, to browse live data, connect sources and sinks and register stream apps, all with SQL support!


We've built 25+ Kafka Connectors with SQL support which are thoroughly tested at scale with our partners.


Set-up a secure Kafka streaming platform on your Cloudera cluster in less than 5 min using Fast Data CSDs with Web Tools, and Monitoring!

Enterprise Support

For customers with an Enterprise License we provide Enterprise Support, which includes scaling service level agreements suitable for your needs, access to support portals and software upgrades, fixes and patches.

Our partners

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