Streamline your data pipelines

we've built 20+ Kafka Connectors with SQL

We are building at stream-reactor a high-quality Apache 2.0 collection & distribution of Kafka source and sink connectors for popular low-latency systems.

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Connectors for the most popular data stores

At the forefront of IoT

We’ve got you covered and have connectors, sources, and sinks for IoT.

MQTT – Test on Mosquito
CoAP – Using Californiums API with optional DTLS secure connections.

Real world use cases

Discover here how British Gas is streaming 4 Billion messages with our connectors to enable Connected Homes

Our Hazelcast connector for low latency IoT

Kafka Connectors with SQL

KCQL is a simple and elegant SQL like syntax for selecting fields and routing from sources or topics to Kafka or the target system.
Multiple open source connectors are already supporting KCQL

Connect topologies with supported UI

Thoroughly tested at scale

We thoroughly unit-test and use our open source testing tool coyote against various configurations in integration environments.
Connectors released against two latest versions of Confluent's distribution of Kafka.

Enterprise Support

Receive support directly with our developers and engineers. Email, chat channels, and tickets support, for your mission critical streams.

Tools to deploy, monitor and provide alerts on your Connectors for your operational teams

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