your Kafka Development Environment

Quick Start with Kafka

Kafka docker image with Confluent (OSS), Landoop Web tools, 20+ Kafka Connectors

 $ docker run --rm --net=host landoop/fast-data-dev

Amazing Features

What you need to get started with Kafka

Fully Customizable

Not everyone needs everything! Pass the right parameters and expose what you need for your case.

Beautiful Web Tools

We try to simplify things for you. If you are not familiar with Kafka/CP platform, our Web Tools is the best place to start.

Certified Connectors

Move data between datastores. At Landoop we test and package 20+ Kafka Connectors in our fast-data distributions, ready to use!

Advanced Features

Fast-data-dev supports extra features such as Security, JMX, enabling/disabling connectors, debug mode, logs and many more.


We expose the JMX metrics from all the services, so you can explore performance and settings of your setup.

Running Examples

By default we run a set of Coyote integration tests along with some running examples to help you get started.

All in one

for your Kafka Development

We know it's hard when you want to quick-start or make a demo and you need to set up all the services.
Well, here you are. A docker image with the entire stack made for you with examples!

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