Enable your data teams, business users, data scientists to access real time data in Kafka, filter, analyse, process with powerful SQL support.

Core Products


Your all in one platform powered by Apache KafkaTM, to browse live data, connect sources and sinks and register stream apps, all with SQL support!


We've built 20+ Kafka Connectors with SQL support which are thoroughly tested at scale with our partners.

Premium Solutions


Set-up a secure Kafka streaming platform on your Cloudera cluster in less than 5 min using Fast Data CSDs with Web Tools, and Monitoring!

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Enterprise Support

For customers with an Enterprise License we provide Enterprise Support, which includes scaling service level agreements suitable for your needs, access to support portals and software upgrades, fixes and patches.

Apps & Add-ons


Your Kafka Development Environment, all in one package, with Web Tools and Connectors. A docker image with the entire stack made with examples!


Manage your schemas, topics and build streaming topologies with connectors using our open source web tools.


A strong SQL layer for covering all your Kafka Components: Data Browsing, Stream Creation, Kafka Connect. All supported by LENSES and our Connectors.


Unit Testing

Allows you to start and stop for unit testing applications that communicate with Kafka one or more Kafka brokers + a ZooKeeper instance + a Schema Registry instance + a Kafka Connect instance

Integration Testing

Coyote, is an open-source tool for testing automation. Define sequence of commands to be executed inside a YAML file and and presents powerful web dashboards

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