Apache Kafka London Meetup - by Landoop

Presenting the Kafka Connect Query Language through a number of connectors
photo of Antonios Chalkiopoulos
Antonios Chalkiopoulos
  • How to simplify your ETL process using Kafka Connect for (E) and (L).
  • Introducing KCQL - the Kafka Connect Query Language for fast-data pipelines.
  • Using KCQL to set up Kafka Connectors for popular in-memory and analytical systems (live demos) such as HazelCast, Redis and InfluxDB.
  • Use fast-data-dev docker for your kafka development environment.
  • Enhancing your existing Cloudera (Hadoop) clusters with fast-data capabilities.


Code https://github.com/landoop/
Connectors https://github.com/landoop/stream-reactor

Cloudera CSD documentation http://docs.landoop.com

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