Senior Software Engineer(Scala/Java)

London, UK - Athens, GR - Remote

About Landoop

At Landoop we believe the future of data processing is real-time. The team shares one goal, to deliver enterprise ready, real-time, innovative solutions for the next generation of data-driven applications with zero complexity. Our mission is to enable organizations to embrace real time data by providing a platform thats opens streaming to all.

We work with cutting edge technology stack such as Apache Kafka, Scala, Akka, Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible and ReactJS. We deploy in bare metal but we also integrate with clouds. We build connectors for our platform for the most well known data stores like Cassandra, Elastic, Mongo, InfluxDB, Redis etc.

Our team has an extensive big data background in various industries. We are book authors, open source contributors and strongly opinionated but with a positive attitude towards challenges and innovation.

Looking to make a difference?

At Landoop you have the opportunity, as an early employee, to play a significant role in the development of the company, rapid career progression, learning and fun! Landoopers bring break-through ideas on the table from day one, innovation, creativity and professionalism is our DNA. We thrive on working with A player professionals who challenge and make an impact from the start - is that you?

What a Senior Scala/Java Engineer at Landoop brings:

As a Back-End Software Engineer at Landoop, you will bring a passion for building highly available and scalable applications and microservices. We are looking for a real problem-solver, an A team player to become a core part of our team.

You will be working with our core products as well as open source projects, revolving around our Data Streaming Platform and external integrations. You will build, test and support highly scalable applications in Scala, Java, Kotlin with Akka and other frameworks.

As a member of our Development Team, you will bring new knowledge and experience to our development process, helping our customers trust our products more as an Innovative, Simple to Use and Enterprise Ready Solution, helping them embrace streaming.

A Day for our Scala/Java Engineer at Landoop includes:

  • Provide robust scalable and innovative designs for our backend components and services
  • Develop and support production releases of new features and products
  • Contribute to our open source projects
  • Help build upon our workflow and approaches to testing and continuous integration
  • Work closely with the frontend engineers to help the delivery of new features
  • Work closely with DevOps engineers in evolving our build, deployment, and release management practices towards a continuous integration/continuous deployment
  • Take ownership of features all the way to production
  • Help our customers and open source users get the most out of our products

The ideal Senior Scala/Java Engineer at Landoop must have:

  • At least 10 years experience
  • Strong background within core Scala and/or Java and or Kotlin development - multithreading, concurrency
  • Experience in building Microservices
  • Experience in Akka, Multi-threaded, Streaming, Messaging Systems, Rest APIs
  • Experience using Messaging Systems (Apache Kafka in particular, Apache Pulsar, JMS)
  • Experience building systems to perform real-time data processing using Apache Kafka, or similar technologies (Apache Flink, Apache Spark, Samza, etc)
  • Experience using and understanding distributed systems, RDBMS and NoSql databases
  • Experience using Docker, Kubernetes, clouds (ie. GCE, AWS, Azure)
  • Understanding of Computer Science fundamentals like “Data Structures, Algorithms, Distributed Systems and Information Retrieval”
  • Experience in writing understandable, testable and maintainable code
  • Experience in communicating clearly and accurately strong technical issues to software developers, designers, customers and other highly technical audiences.
  • Excellent spoken / written communication in English
  • Experience as an Open Source Contributor and/or Speaker in the Streaming and IoT Industries will be a huge asset

The ideal Senior Scala/Java Engineer at Landoop gains:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Startup agility and flexibility
  • An opportunity to work with exceptional, professional people in their fields
  • Working flexible hours
  • A flexible working environment with colleagues of our offices in London, Athens and Amsterdam or even just from your cozy home

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