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Start here! Learn about Apache Kafka ecosystem, core concepts, operations, Kafka API, and build your own producers and consumers.

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Learn how to use source data from Twitter, store in Kafka topics, sink in ElasticSearch and PostgreSQL, and write your own Connector.

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Learn the Kafka Streams high level API with hands-on examples, learn Exactly Once semantics, build and deploy apps with Java 8. 

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Kafka Connect Pipelines, sink to Elasticsearch

In this mini tutorial we will explore how to create a Kafka Connect Pipeline using the Kafka Development Environment (fast-data-dev) in order to move real time telemetry data into Elasticsearch and finally visualize the positions in a Kibana Tile Map by writing zero code…!

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Time-Series with Kafka, Kafka Connect & InfluxDB

Time-series datastores are of particular interest these days and influxDB is a popular open source distributed time-series database. In this tutorial we will integrate Kafka with InfluxDB using Kafka Connect and implement a Scala avro message producer to test the setup.

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Kafka connect for FTP

An FTP server, together with a pair of credentials is a common pattern, on how data providers expose data as a service. In this article we are going to implement custom file transformers to efficiently load files over FTP and using Kafka Connect convert them to meaningful events in Avro format.

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Kafka Connect on KUBERNETES

Landscaping Topologies Microservice architectures are all the rage and for good reason. Small, lightweight, business focused and independently deployable services provide scalability and isolation which it hard to achieve in monolithic systems.

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Kafka security via data encryption

Depending on your Kafka set up security might involve different services such as Kerberos, relying on multiple TLS certificates and advanced ACL setup in brokers and Zookeeper. In many cases, with encryption features enabled, performance is also taking a penalty hit.

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Hazelcast – Low latency DataStores for IoT

The Internet of Things is on the rise, it was certainly a buzzword of 2016. Gartner thinks so, they say there will be 20 billion devices online by 2020 with all of them transmitting (streaming) data. These devices are not limited to new devices,

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Kafka Integration Tests with external services

Coyote, is an open-source tool we built using Go at Landoop for testing automation. Define sequence of commands to be executed inside a YAML file and then the expected output in REST requests or log files or by executing commands to target systems.

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