Streaming ETL with 25+ open source Kafka connectors

  • Move data between Kafka and the most popular data stores
  • Open Source, with SQL Support
  • Monitor and manage connectors via LENSES
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What is Stream Reactor?

Stream Reactor is an Apache License, Version 2.0 open source collection of components built on top of Kafka and provides Kafka Connect compatible connectors to move data between Kafka and popular data stores. Stream Reactor provides source connectors to publish data into Kafka and sink connectors to bring data from Kafka into other systems.

The connectors support KCQL (Kafka Connect Query Language), an open source component of Lenses SQL Engine that provides an elegant and simple SQL like syntax for selecting fields and routing from sources or topics to Kafka or the target system (topic to target entity mapping, field selection, auto creation, auto evolution, error policies).

Use & Monitor in Lenses


Streaming ETL

Native Kafka components to empower your Streaming ETL, with security, scalability, fault tolerance.

Internet of Things

Stream Reactor covers the major IoT Protocols with Source and Sink Connectors for both CoAP and MQTT.
MQTT – Test on Mosquito
CoAP – Using Californiums API with optional DTLS secure connections.

Discover here how British Gas is streaming 4 Billion messages with our connectors to enable Connected Homes



Manage and Monitor Connectors

Create, Scale and Monitor connectors via Lenses web interface.

Lenses SQL Support

Landoop Connectors support SQL semantics to filter and support target systems. KCQL (Kafka Connect Query Language) is an open source Apache 2 project.

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Enterprise Support

Receive support directly with our developers and engineers. Email, chat channels, and tickets support, for your mission critical streams.

Tools to deploy, monitor and provide alerts on your Connectors for your operational teams

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