Kafka Web Tools

Understand, configure and monitor your Kafka clusters

Open Source Tools


Control your lineage, view the versioned history and manage compatibility and evolution of Avro schemas.

  • View schemas, Track changes
  • Add new schemas
  • Manage compatibility
  • Export schemas


View and download data from your Kafka topics, using the Kafka REST Proxy as the backend REST service.

  • Browse topic data
  • View topic metadata
  • View topic configuration
  • Download data


Use with our distribution of connectors and configure and manage your real time ingestion pipeline

  • Visualise connect distributed
  • Create new connectors
  • Manage connector config
  • View workers health & failures


All in one!

Quick start

Fast Data Dev - your Kafka Development Environment

We know it's hard when you want to quick-start or make a demo and you need to set up all the services. Well, here you are. A docker image with the entire stack made for you with examples!

 $ docker pull landoop/fast-data-dev
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Packaged for Cloudera

plus Kafka Monitoring

Landoop Cloudera Service Descriptors brings together the two most popular platforms in the Big Data world, Confluent Platform (OSS) & Hadoop. Get all the benefits of Cloudera Manager and build your Fast Data layer.

Kafka on Cloudera

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