Transition from a large scale monolithic architecture and embrace the microservices paradigm and process data as soon as it arrives.

Your Kafka Development Environment

Produce and consume streaming data

All you need to start working with Apache Kafka, in a single command on your machine! No other dependencies, your Kafka ecosystem in one docker image. Design, build and run end to end streaming data flows. Monitor your data. Process and connect to different data stores using the best local development environment for Kafka. It provides all the tools you require to get up and running immediately.

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  • Single docker image for your Kafka application development with Lenses embedded in.
  • All-in one Kafka cluster, including Schema Registry, Kafka Connect.
  • Growing list of examples and stream producers, synthetic data generators.
  • 25+ Connectors pre-configured and ready to use.
  • Rest and WebSocket endpoints to run LSQL queries, publish or subscribe to topics, and more.
  • Redux javascript library.
  • Kafka CLI autocomplete.

Build Custom Apps

Lenses Box gives you the ready to use building blocks to start your application development with Apache Kafka.

Lenses Endpoints

Integrate your existing systems with Lenses by tapping into the exposed REST API. Leverage the endpoints to integrate your CI/DC processes thus improving the way you release to production.


Lenses Redux Library

This Javascript library, build on Redux, brings the best practises of real time data streaming to the browser and provides new and better ways for interacting with Apache Kafka from your Javascript code.


Unit Testing

Run your Kafka cluster embedded in your JVM process. You can spin up as many brokers as you need, the same goes for Zookeeper instances. Furthermore it allows you to also run Schema Registry and Kafka Connect instances. Test your code interacting with Apache Kafka wihtout the hassel of an existing environment or a docker image.


Integration Testing

Coyote is an open source test agent. It uses YAML configuration files to define sequences of commands to be executed. It provides powerful dashboards to get a thorough understanding of how the tests went, what was their output, and it provides statistics on top of that.


Command Line Tools

Lenses CLI
Kafka Connect CLI
Schema Registry CLI

Connectors included.

Streaming ETL with 25+ open source Kafka connectors pre-configured, ready to use in Lenses Box.

  • Move data between Kafka and the most popular data stores.
  • Open Source and with SQL support.
  • Easy to configure.
  • Monitor and manage Apache Kafka connectors with LENSES.
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