Kafka Topics UI (rest proxy v2)

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Christina Daskalaki

The new version of Kafka Topics UI is now available!

The new version implements the Rest proxy v2 API so make sure you upgrade το the right version of rest proxy.

Some of the outlined features include:

  • Seek to offset positions for a topic (beginning, end, specific offset)
  • Partition filtering
  • Tree and Flat table views
  • Download data samples
  • View in sync replicas and partitions

Quick start with the docker image:

    docker run --rm -it -p 8000:8000 \
               -e "KAFKA_REST_PROXY_URL=http://kafka-rest-proxy-host:port" \
               -e "PROXY=true" \


View on Github

Enjoy streaming and make sure your data is right with kafka-topics-ui!

If you are on previous rest proxy v1 API use the latest compatible verion .

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